Telephony Services

The Media Centre supplies state of the art voice systems. Our aim is to enable creative and media enterprises to have access to high value services at competitive prices.

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Corporate Quality Telephony

The Media Centre has deployed a state of the art enterprise class telephone system offering many advanced features only usually afforded by large blue chip companies. This system supplies digital voice lines (with high quality digital handsets complete with LCD), analogue lines for faxes and dialup modems and ISDN2 for high speed direct data transfer.

Digital Lines

A digital voice line complimented by high quality digital handset with LCD, the principle features of this service are as follows;

  • A DDI number (with itemised billing)
  • Caller identification
  • Hands free facility
  • Conferencing
  • Voicemail with external retrieval ability
  • Free internal calls
  • Ability to transfer your extension to another phone within you company (without incurring any call charges) and to external numbers such as mobiles, home, head office or branch office. Callers will be unaware that you are not working in the office when they call.
  • Whilst on an external or internal call you can see a second call being presented to you. You can hold, deal with the second call and toggle between calls.
  • Personalised answering service within working hours via our reception at no additional cost.

Other advanced features can also be programmed such as diversions based upon the day of the week or the time of day and hunter groups so incoming calls go to the next available member of staff.

Please note that digital lines are not compatible with traditional fax machines or dial-up modems, an analogue line can be used for these purposes.

Analogue Lines

An analogue line provides compatibility with traditional fax machines and dial-up modems. An adaptor is provided for full compatibility. A fax service is also available via reception at a minimal cost, ideal for occasional users.


ISDN2 is used for high-speed direct data transfer, at 64k (single channel) or 128k (dual channel). This can also be used as an alternative (or backup) method for accessing the Internet.

Timescales of Work

New lines will be set up within 5 working days of the receipt of a customer order form. Movement of lines will be undertaken within 3 working days.

Summary of Prices

Digital voice line with handset (6 months contract)
£16.00 + VAT (per month)
Analogue line (6 months contract)
£14.00 + VAT (per month)
ISDN2 (6 months contract)
£25.00 +VAT (per month)
Additional DDI with voicemail (e.g. company number)
£10.00 +VAT (per month)

Advanced programming - one off charge starting at £25.00 + VAT

A fully refundable deposit of £100.00 for the first line and £25.00 per subsequent line is applicable.

NB: Due to management issues third party telecommunications infrastructure cannot be brought into The Media Centre.

Please complete a customer order form to request any of the services outlined above, please read our terms and conditions before placing an order. Direct Debit is the required payment mechanism for all the above services. If you have any questions relating to our IT services, or require technical support from our IT department you can call our dedicated Customer Service team.