Internet & IT Services

The Media Centre has installed state of the art data systems and employs a fully qualified in house IT team. Our aim is to provide high quality infrastructure and services at competitive prices for the benefit of all our tenants and customers.


Internet Connectivity

The Media Centre offers companies Internet access over a leased line on a synchronous downstream and upstream bandwidth of 8MB. While this service cannot provide dedicated bandwidth per individual, access is closely monitored, ensuring that it remains high speed and at a higher performance level than lower grade ADSL services. This service is completely shielded by an enterprise class firewall to provide the highest level of security only usually afforded by large blue chip companies. There is no requirement to own a router, switch or hub, as these are included within the service provided by The Media Centre. The facility to network computers within a single company comes as standard for clients taking multiple connections. Clients wishing to connect to the service need simply ensure they have an Ethernet adapter in their computer (these come with most modern computers or can be purchased very cheaply).

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Unlike traditional suppliers Internet access at The Media Centre comes with a comprehensive SLA guaranteeing access provision, as we know how important Internet connectivity is to modern business.

Email Services

The IT infrastructure at The Media Centre enables e-mail services to be deployed in a number of different ways to meet with tenants requirements. The provision of an outgoing e-mail server is included within the cost of Internet connectivity.

Timescale of Work

Internet and VPN access for a new user will be set up within 5 working days of the receipt of a customer order form. Additional connections can be configured within 3 working days. Leased line set-up can take from 5 to 40 working days to install depending on bandwidth.

Strategic Consultancy

Whatever your business objectives we can make sure that you have the right IT infrastructure in place to meet those aims. Leave us to research, propose and implement the most cost effective solution so you can get on running the business without the normal IT related stresses. For further information please contact the IT Team.

Summary of Prices

Primary firewall protected connection
£25 + VAT (per month) (For a single workstation - 6 months contract)
One-off installation cost for the above
£85 + VAT
Additional workstation connections
£15 + VAT (per month)
Mapped public IP address
£15 + VAT (per month)
One-off setup cost for the above (with firewall)
£45 + VAT
Communications room rack space with UPS
£25 + VAT (per month)
Web-Hosting from
£5 + VAT (per month)
One-off setup cost for the above (with domain)
£45 + VAT (per month)

NB: Due to management issues third party telecommunications infrastructure cannot be brought into The Media Centre.

If you have any questions relating to our IT services, or require technical support from our IT department you can call our dedicated Customer Service team.